Prophet is a student created album design and campaign made to explore the possible tour of a desired artist. That being said, Kanye West is an extraordinarily talented rapper with an eccentric personality and a god complex, whose career has been defined by bombastic and overbearing moments. This visual system for his new album is meant to characterize the immensity of his ego by linking his music and story to that of a modern god on earth.


"Prophet" is a word that means a person regarded and the proclaimer of god, as such using it as a non-specific religious entity seems appropriate for the album, as Kanye is not linked to any religions but could be considered as his own independent deity. The word also has ties to delivering a message which is more appropriate for a performer. The imagery is a depiction of Kanye performing a papal hand symbol with one hand, holding a microphone in the other, while being cuffed by shackles.

This is representative of the censorship of his extreme thoughts in today's political culture as he has even personally said several times and even included in the lyrics of his songs. The imagery is a picturesque of Banksy's style, connecting a byzantine religious image with modern street art style. This ties the works meaning to a modern cultural context.


Imagery was hand rendered in ink before being digitally altered.